February 11, 2011


Valentines Day gift bags for Brody's Preschool class
One of my FAVORITE holidays is right around the corner and I am counting down days! I am such a romantic and love anything and everything to do with Valentine's Day. 

I have been busy putting together the gift bags for Brody's class party next week. Luckily, for him, his Momma loves to do arts and crafts so he always has unique personalized bags to share with his class (and eventually his girlfriends).  I try to make all of his gift bags something that is unique to the holiday and personalized for the kids. I typically always use a brown paper lunch bag because they are a blank canvas that you can do practically anything to and their economical! This time around I decided to use the Candy Hearts as flowers; I cut grass out of construction paper and painted it with glitter paint. I used a green sharpie to draw the stems of the "flowers" and I added ladybug stickers to the  "flower garden". Brody and I made the clay hearts last month when we were on our clay crafting kick. I painted those with purple glitter glue and wrote their names on them with a black Sharpie. I really liked the way they turned out because it was exactly how I pictured them in my head! That always feels great!!!

Too Cute & Yummy!
I also got into the baking spirit and baked 90 mini Valentine themed cupcakes last night!! Cupcakes are so much fun because you can make them for almost any occasion and the possibilities are ENDLESS when it comes to decorating them. I took several of these cute little cupcakes over to my friends house this morning for our coffee/play date and they were beyond YUMMY! I'm sure they won't last very long in our house if Victoria, Brody and Mike have anything to do with it.

My Strange Addiction
During this whole Valentines day preparation that I have had going on I've came to the conclusion that I have an addiction.......to Hershey Kisses. I am not kidding; it's a full blown addiction to the wonderful little tin foil wrapped pieces of love. I have been eating a bag a day -- DEAD serious. No joke. I don't know how I have become addicted to something that I used to hate. I was never a chocolate eater; never even ate sweets growing up. Now I can't keep this chocolate candy in stock in our pantry. If they are depleted before I can get a new bag I seriously go into bitch mode and start feeling like a walking talking anxiety attack waiting to happen. It's insanity. My husband doesn't care for it too much either; not because I am gaining weight (that's a good thing) but these candies are $5 a bag and I am buying a bag every other day! Add it up people and you will see his concern. I might have to have an intervention soon because this is getting out.of.control! Maybe I need to be on the show "My Strange Addiction"; I am sure I would fit in just fine because that show has some crazy people with some very strange addictions. Why not add an episode with a Hershey Kiss addict?!?!? 

NOTE TO OLD CLASSMATES: If you see me at any future reunions and I am overweight; don't ask, just know it was the damn Hershey kisses that caught up with my once skinny ass. 

This will be Brody's first year exchanging Valentine's so I am really excited for him. I may be more excited than he is but once he sees all of that candy he will be on cloud nine. 

3 days and counting....


  1. This is tooooooo cute! Do you like the seasonal flavors of Kisses? Mmmmmm... Have you tried the raspberry out right now? I'm curious!

  2. I haven't tried those. I am the "Plain Jane" type of girl when it comes to flavors....I prefer the old fashioned Milk Chocolate ones :)

  3. Today is the day! You'll have to let us know how Brody's party went! :) Maybe Mike will surprise you and buy you some kisses for Valentine's Day.. :)