February 1, 2011

"Naked" & Busy

Today I have been busy as a bee and feeling a bit "naked". 

First to the part that I am sure got your attention; the word NAKED. As I mentioned in a earlier blog post; my watch is missing gone for good. My entire family has searched for it and we've come to the conclusion it's no longer going to return to my left wrist. With that being said, I feel completely naked and lost without it! I keep looking down to see what time it is and all I get in return is a tiny, pale white, bare wrist. How depressing. Anyone that has OCD knows that time is of the essence. I can't stand being late and I absolutely H-A-T-E not knowing what time it is. I know in today's world I should be able to pull out my cell phone and look at the time but that's just too much trouble. Call me "old school" but I like wearing a watch and it works for me. I have several watches and something is wrong with every one of them; one is a old wind-up watch that was my grandmothers and I don't wear it because I would be sick if I lost it. My Rolex has a broken crystal face from falling off the bathroom counter and onto a marble floor. I don't even want to think about how much that will cost me to get fixed hence why it's been broken for 4 years now. My other two watches need batteries. I picked some batteries (kuddos to me for remembering) up today at the store but now I can't get the freaking back off the watches to replace the stupid things. I think God may be trying to tell me something?!? I mean seriously, I have all of these watches and not a single one works. I do know that I need a working or new watch A.S.A.P because I am going to drive myself insane if I can't tell what time it is. My husband may like that idea because Valentine's Day is only 13 days away and if I am committed somewhere he doesn't have to buy me a gift. I am sure he would love that considering he doesn't have to go through the hassle of picking out the card, ordering the flowers and buying a piece of jewelry....particularly a watch. Hint. Hint. 

On top of losing my mind from not being able to tell what time it is I feel like I have been non-stop today. I put Brody in preschool two days a week because I wanted some "me" time but it has turned into "everybody but me" time. I pack my two Brody-less days with errands and chores. It's by choice though because it's so hard to get anything accomplished with a 2 year old tagging along. You have to deal with dragging them in/out of the carseat, finding a cart, telling them "No" a hundred times over for items they think are life or death...I mean, seriously, Brody wants E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G he sees these days. Why does a 2 year old want Moth Balls, don't know, ask Brody...he'll tell you. I can't even stop and "park" the cart in the aisle because he is taking one of everything and putting it in the buggy. You don't even know how many times I have been checking out only to find weird, miscellaneous items that he added to my purchase without me knowing. One day he is going to get smart and put it in his pocket and then we'll be charged with shoplifting...wait on that blog post, I am sure it's coming. 

This month will be insanely busy for the Beemer house because with Vic making the soccer team she has practices 4 days a week, 1 soccer game a week, 1 winter band practice a week, enrollment for the 9th grade (already?!?!?) and a Field trip. Whew. I am not done. I have to help with a Valentine's Day party for Brody's preschool on the 14th which I know will end up stressing me out because I will want it to be perfect. There are 3 other Mothers helping but we all have our own things to do and bring. And to top all of that off (like we don't have enough to do) we are squeezing in a trip home to North Carolina for 3 days. Ohhhh, I almost forgot!!! Mike and I have to find the time to have a nice dinner out to celebrate Valentine's Day

I just read the above and I feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it. Good gracious! That is a bunch of stuff to do in a matter of 27 days. 

Oh well, it will all get done and it will all be perfect...because that is how I am....a perfectionist with OCD who gets things done on time....without a watch (for the time being - pardon the pun). 

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