February 21, 2011

Hunting, BBQ & Martini's...

Mmmm, Sounds like one big oxymoron if you ask me but it worked for us this weekend. Well, maybe the martini numerous martini's part wasn't such a  good idea but the rest of it was great (the Martini's were great at the time, too). 

We started off our long holiday weekend by having a "double date" with our friends JB and Susie. It was  their first weekend in town as residents of Lee County so it was a night to celebrate! We started off at "Austin's BBQ & Oyster Bar" -- I know, I know, that sounds like an oxymoron too but their fried pickles and Pineapple Martini are to.die.for!!! You would never think this little hole in the wall would have fantastic service and food but they do. Not only are their appetizers and spirits good but their main dishes are too. I prefer the raw Oysters but my husband will debate that the BBQ is better. We had a great time listening to live entertainment and catching up. Mike was even serenaded twice by a hot chick with a not so hot voice but we were drinking so it all sounded good...um, maybe not. The pineapple martini's weren't *that* good to make you think you were really hearing an angelic voice. But hey, she tried and I give major kudos for that. We ended the night at "Harvest Moon" and that is where my inner 21 year old self thought I could hang but I need to face the facts; I am 32 years old, I can't drink men underneath the table anymore & hangovers last a HELL of a lot longer now. However, I enjoyed the evening and had a great time even though my head was fussing at me the next morning -- well, the entire next day. Ugh. It was a good reminder on why I don't, can't and shouldn't drink like I used to.

After my body felt somewhat human again on Saturday we decided to take a road trip to Tallahassee, Florida. That's right....Florida! We are only an hour a way from the Sunshine State and Mike has been salivating for a week over the BBQ Festival the city was hosting this past weekend. As soon as we pulled up I knew that these people were all about some BBQ because they went all out for this festival. They had rows and rows of competitors entering their BBQ, ribs, chicken, brisket, goat meat and whatever else you can smoke or grill for trophies and money. It was insane to be honest but Mike was in HEAVEN. The event was definitely a "Man's Festival". After a final attempt to feel better (and a old remedy that *used* to work) I tried to drink a beer and eat a soggy, greasy BBQ sandwich but it didn't help and I do believe it made my hangover worse. After walking around eating heart attacks waiting to happen, purchasing things we didn't really need, getting the kids temporary tacky tattoos and riding the extremely loud and annoying choo-choo train for Brody we called it a day and headed home. I took a hot bath and went straight to bed to lay in a world of hurt until I fell asleep. I was praying to fall asleep fast just so I could be put out of my self-induced misery.

Thank God today was a new day and he listened to my woes because I slept pretty good and I woke up ready to start the day. We decided to skip our normal cleaning day and spend it "Geocaching". I know many people don't understand or "get" the whole activity but it's so much fun and very addicting. It's really hard to explain so just check out the site www.geocaching.com and read what it's all about. I promise if you try it then you will want to do it every weekend. This ridiculously fun hobby gets you out of the house, exploring new places and gets your mind working. It doesn't really cost you anything but  a GPS, gas (I know it's a fortune these days) and your time. Today we explored "Well #39", "The Moose is loose in the woods", "Devils Playground" and several others. It's a real mind tease when you have all of the clues and can't find the cache but it makes it all the more interesting. Your family starts off working together but then it's to each his own; who doesn't want to find the "prize" first?!? Playing with Mike and Victoria can get a little ruthless. We came home tired, with a few ticks and thorns as battle scars from our scavenger hunts but it was a good "Family Day".

Tomorrow will be the dreaded grocery shopping day....not looking forward to it because I let the pantry run dry and that means it drains the banking account, too. Not that we are broke but seeing a large number on receipt tape makes my husband go into "Gunny Beemer" mode and I don't particularly like that form of my husband. Guess that's what happens when you marry an analytical Marine who is great with numbers and knows where every single penny goes. I hate when I do let the pantry get a little bare because that means I have to buy EVERYTHING and then Mike freaks when he gets the mile long receipt. It's like coming home to your parents with a very bad report card; it's h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e!

So with that...I am signing off and maybe I will be alive after tomorrows shopping trip to tell you all about it. There is always something I need to vent about after a day of buying groceries from Wal-Mart. God help me. 

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