February 6, 2011


There is something about the ocean and salty air that calms and soothes the soul. I have never figured out why I always have felt more at ease and peace while vacationing at the beach and even the short time I lived in Jacksonville, NC....it's something I wish I could bottle up and put on a shelf for later use.

Two years ago my husband retired from the Marine Corps and we were relocated to Jacksonville, NC for his new job at Camp Lejeune. Moving to the beach had always been a dream of mine (and my parents) so it wasn't too bad of a move for us. The beach on base was only 10 minutes from the house and we were only 30 minutes away from beaches in both directions. Also the drive back to Concord was only a little over 4 hours so it wasn't too shabby of a deal.

While we were in Jacksonville we tried to take advantage of the beach as much as we could. Having a toddler makes the beach trips a little harder because they can only stand the sand and sun for so long and you have to carry around a ton of stuff just for a 2 hour stay. We really didn't use the beach as much as we should have. Looking back I wish we had. 

I always felt a lot happier and more at peace when we came home from a beach trip. Sure, I had to give Brody a bath after we got home. Everything had to be rinsed off out in the yard before bringing it inside. Sand was always a constant fixture in our house (no matter how hard you cleaned) and vehicles. Extra loads of laundry were present because of those nasty towels and bathing suits couldn't be washed with other stuff. However, with all of that "extra" stress there seemed to be less stress in my mind.

Honestly, it was the ocean that brought me peace. You could sit in your beach chair, toes in the sand and the sound of children, waves and seagulls in the air could put your soul at ease. All of your fears, worries, problems were washed away with each and every wave. It's like your soul was cleaned in that 2 hour trip and you were able to clear your mind for the coming work week. 

If you could bottle whatever that is and sell it you would be a bazillionaire (if there was one) because who doesn't want that feeling? I don't know anyone that doesn't feel better after a trip to the beach. If we could get that feeling daily this world would be a much better place.

So, to all of my friends who still live within minutes from the beach....don't take Gods beautiful landscape for granted. Once you move away from it you will sincerely miss that inner peace you had while living near the ocean. Trust Me. 

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  1. This is me 100000%!!!! The beach has ALWAYS calmed me like nothing else, and our dream is to settle down in Charleston FOREVER one day. There is just nothing that refreshes me like the coast. I am right there with you...