February 5, 2011


If you would have asked me about 10 years ago if moving away from "home" (Concord, NC) would have bothered me I would have probably looked at you like you were stupid. Yeah Right! Moving away from Concord sounded like a fun new adventure and I was ready to get out of the small town that I was born and raised in. 

Now if you asked me that...I would probably burst into tears, well, alligator tears. I miss living only a few miles away from my parents and Pappaw. I miss being able to visit my Mammaw's grave and place flowers on it every month or so. I miss walking into Wal-Mart or the local grocery store and seeing someone I know. Heck, I miss everyone knowing my business!! Basically, I miss E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G about my hometown. You don't even know what I would do to have a meal from Mr. C's, K&W, What-a-Burger, Troutman's BBQ, Rosario's and Sogo's/Tsunami....oh, there are entirely too many eating establishments that I miss! I could probably gain 100 pounds in 2 weeks if I were to stay that long because I would try to eat at every single place several times a day for that entire 2 weeks!!!! 

I know I need to put my "big girl panties" on, suck it up and wipe away the tears but it's easier said than done. I am 32 years old and I should be able to move over 8 hours away from home but it's really much harder than some think. I had a great relationship with my family and consider them my best friends. There wasn't and still isn't a day that I don't go without talking to both my parents via email or telephone. I am the only child and I do carry a lot of responsibility with that title. I am all they have and they are all I have other than my husband and children. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Albany. It has grown on me and the people here are super nice. Everywhere you go people smile, say "Hello" and ask you how your doing. It's just how the locals were raised and that is why it reminds me so much of home and why I know I will be okay here. I have made some good friends and I have an old classmate (Susie) who will be moving here soon. I know that will make the world of difference because it's a piece of home and someone who knows how good a "real" Cherry Lemon Sundrop tastes or how those smaller tater wedges are the best at Mr. C's....she can appreciate where we came from and that will be nice. 

But for now....I am homesick and it stinks! Tomorrow is a new day so I am hoping I wake up feeling better in all aspects. I think being "homesick" has made me sick because I am battling a head cold or something so that is only making matters worse today. 

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