March 23, 2011

Life is a it well.

Life is a journey and needs to be traveled well and lately mine hasn't been. The past few years have been very hard for me and has been a non-stop roller coaster. I have had many highs and some very low points the past 10 years and all of it has either made me a stronger person or taught me a lesson that needed to be learned. I have always been on the "right path" in life but I have had my share of little detours but thanks to age (and my Momma) I have been able to see the light and got myself back on the path that I was intended to be on.

I don't know if getting sick for 5 very long days was an epiphany of some sort but it was definitely a wake up call and I have been trying to get in gear since last Friday. I have stopped taking all of my medicines that my Doctor had me on (anxiety/depression/chronic pain/appetite enhancer) except for my Lunesta which I have to take in order to sleep. I wanted to take a break from all of those mind/thought/feeling suppressants and see how I can act without them. I hate feeling "numb" from them and I wanted to see what it felt like being me without all of the chemicals involved. Right now it seems to be working well and I honestly have NEVER felt better!!! I feel so free and I can actually "feel" again and when I need to cry the tears come....I am no longer "numb" and I am praying I can keep it that way. I know there may be a time when I may need help again but I am really going to do it naturally instead of chemically. So enough of that boring stuff and on to the more interesting things about my week so far and good things that are on the horizon! 

Vic won her soccer game on Monday (yay) and we have one on Thursday that I am hoping we can make. Not so sure though because it's over an hour away and she really digs riding the bus home after the game with the team so she's cool with us not going to away games. They have had a great season with only one loss and we couldn't be any prouder of her than we are now. She's keeping her grades up, keeps herself out of trouble, stays involved with sports, band and FCA. She is such a great and sweet kid. I need to really stop sweating the small stuff that she is doing that annoys the ever living crap out of me (Thanks OCD & Teenage Hell) and enjoy the next few years we have of her left at home! Her next couple of weeks will be really busy because they have the "Trojan Trot" that her soccer team is running to help raise funds for their athletic program at school. The Lady Trojan soccer team has been invited to play in a tournament in several weeks so she's really excited about that. 

Brody is thriving here too and growing like a weed. He is enjoying being a constant fixture at his Sissy's soccer games and he's her number one fan. He has also enjoyed attending the Dixie T-Ball League games we frequent to support Susie & John's son, Will. It's a great family "date" and it's basically a weekly thing that everyone does around here. Baseball is BIG in the almost to a point of insane. These people eat, breath, sleep and breed their offspring to play ball. Whew, glad we figured that out NOW so we can start helping Brody learn how to play the game.  Brody told us tonight that he was going to play T-Ball and was "gonna be guuud at it"! I love him and yes, baby, you will be awesome.

Ah, living in the Deep South is more and more starting to feel like home. I so wish my parents were here to live this life with us. It's an amazing experience and one I am so blessed and thankful about. It is my heaven on earth. Honestly. Everyone should get to experience this just once.....just once and they would be hooked.

Goodnight Y'all. Don't let the gnats bite ;)

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  1. I applaud your efforts to try and get and stay off your meds.. :) I am on a lot of meds too, and I've done the same... weaned myself off everything except those I absolutely need.. Right now, those are my allergy, migraine and arthritis meds.. allergy and migraine go hand in hand.. so once this pollen quits.. I think I should be able to back off of those too.. as do my docs.. :) I wish you the best of luck! :) Our schedules sound very similar, I love reading your blog! :)

    You said, 'don't let the gnats bite.' It made me laugh.. a friend of mine, who is new to the area, said, 'gnats don't bite.' I thought, 'are you flippin' kidding me?! Look at my arms!! I look like I have chicken pox!!' I have to ask, have you found anything that works for you, to keep the gnats off? My sons baseball practice is at 6-730 at night.. and we are like a Golden Corral Buffet for those things! Off is like an attractant, and I haven't been able to get my hot little hands on any Skin-So-Soft.. yet.. tips? Please?! :)