March 31, 2011

Momma's Coming Home...

The day is FINALLY here....My Momma is coming to see me!!! I have not seen my parents since Christmas and I have been missing both of them terribly. We traded in some frequent flyer miles so Mom could make the visit for a couple of days and I couldn't be happier. As many of you know my Pappaw has terminal cancer so someone has to stay with him at all times. Sadly, that means I can only see one of my parents at a time unless we go home (which we are next week * super yay*). Like me, my Daddy is the only child so a lot has been put on his shoulders when it comes to my Pappaw's illness. Luckily, he didn't mind letting Mom come to Georgia for a long weekend to visit. I think she needs the break and a Brody fix quiet honestly. 

I have a lot of fun things planned as long as Mother Nature cooperates! We have had rain here all week and I am! I can only take grey skies for so long before it starts making me depressed. It is supposed to start clearing up this afternoon and continue to be beautiful throughout the weekend....however, the weather here changes in a minute so I am not betting on it. Last weekend it was in the 80's and then turned to turbulent weather which has lasted 4 looonnnggggg days. 

I know Mom will be perfectly happy sitting in the house all weekend playing with Brody but for my sanity we will need to get out some. I am hoping that tomorrow we can go eat with Susie and Miss Annelise at "The Cookie Shoppe" because it's the most fabulous food I have ever eaten when it comes to a sandwich shoppe. Momma appreciates small town things like that so I am sure she will enjoy it as much as Susie and I do! I also have to go to Mark's Melon Patch because Daddy wants some more chow-chow and I guess he liked the jar he picked up from there the last time they visited. I am not really sure what else is on the agenda for the weekend but I am sure it will be something fun.

I am also so excited about our bedroom getting painted this weekend!! Finally the ugly Pea Green soup color will be covered with a beautiful shade of aqua/green/teal color. Mike and I had some trouble agreeing on a color but we finally chose something we both liked. This is a new color for both of us so I am hoping it turns out as good as it looks in my mind.
I have not had any time to really blog this week but I got a Cricut bundle from my sweetie. He is so, so, so good to me and I really shouldn't complain about him as much as I do at times. He is so thoughtful and loving and I need to be better about showing my appreciation for it. I truly know I am very blessed and have the perfect partner, husband and best friend. He is my everything and I would be so lost without him. 
I better start getting ready so I can make the 3 hour drive to Atlanta with Brody to get our Nannee! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

(Oh, and honey....I am in love with the darling bird necklace above. Click the link to check out the site on Etsy. Hint Hint!) 

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  1. I thought you had made that necklace, until I read that last line.. too funny.. :)