March 21, 2011

To Be Continued....Finally being Cont'd

So, it has seriously taken me days to continue my story from last weeks "Fabulous Friday" blog but I wanted to make sure I got through this beautiful weekend without jinxing us. And PRAISE GOD, we did!

So here is the continuation from last week....we all piled into our SUV to head to this "special" destination/reservation that Mike had planned for us as a celebration for closing on our house. All was well until we hit a dead stand still on the highway. We had just passed the only available exit within miles before we realized traffic was not going to be going anywhere for a while due to a wreck. We shut off the car, turn on the music and what do we hear? Brody throwing his little heart up in the back seat. LOVELY. As I search for something to clean him up with and find something for him to throw up in it hits me I didn't even bring the damn diaper bag. What kind of mother forgets a diaper bag?!?!?!? We don't have a thing in the car to extra napkins in the glove box, no wrappers of anything on the floor, NOTHING. All I could do is use a spare sock I found in the back of the seat to wipe the poor kids mouth with. I felt horrible for him. The next part was getting him undressed without the puke going all over him anymore than it had how to keep it off the car seat and floor of the truck. So here we are stuck on the highway in the heat with a puker....nice, reeeeaaaaal, nice. 

After I got him somewhat cleaned up and things were getting normal again we noticed 2 ambulances speeding towards the hospital and our first thoughts were that can't be good but since our traffic started to move we were relieved because we were on a time crunch and I had to find a place I could get Brody a new set of clothes before we could do anything else. Mike agreed and said he thought there was some type of "Dollar General" store on the next exit and we would stop there....and that's just what we did. I was in and out of the store in a matter of minutes with wipes and a new outfit for Brody. Whew. Easy! 

After cleaning Brody up and putting his newly purchased outfit on from the handy Dollar General store we were once again on our way to the surprise that Mike had in store for us. The next stop was one that really had me a bit irritated and confused...A Veterinary Office. Really? I mean, what in the world do I need from a Veterinary Clinic out in the middle of nowhere? The receptionist was already talking to Mike when we walked in behind him and then she asked me if I saw any puppies on the board that I liked and of course I loved them all! Hello -- I was already wanting that sweet little Lucy I had found at the shelter in Lee County. As I turn around to answer her I see a young man bringing me out of ALL dogs -- LUCY!!!! My husband truly got me on this shocker because I had not figured out his plan. He had the pretty little girl for two days and actually kept it a secret. Even Susie and her family knew before I did. Victoria knew and even was able to keep her motor mouth from spilling the beans. I was so excited and Lucy was too because she peed ALL OVER ME and herself in the middle of the waiting room floor. 

However, my excitement was quickly erased when Brody started throwing up AGAIN. Seriously, this wasn't looking good for my little man and he was gradually get more lethargic while we were sitting there doing the paperwork for Lucy. I felt so torn because this precious puppy was scared and had no idea what was going on but my son was throwing up and really looked bad. Mike got all the paperwork done and we left and the entire trip home Brody threw up. He was getting pale and clammy so I knew the ER was our only option this late in the day on a Friday. 

We got home and let Lucy in the back with the other dogs and we headed to the ER with the sick little man. As we pulled up the ER it was packed and something had either happened that brought a crowd or they were that busy with patients. We got registered and into a room pretty quickly but in the meantime it was well aware the people in the waiting room with security were experiencing a major loss of their own. The two ambulances we had seen earlier were for a fatal car accident and it was the family in the lobby that we had seen when we got there. My heart broke when I was informed it a 10 year old boy who was killed in the car that was being driven by his Mother. 

I had to shake all of that off and out of my mind so I could focus on my own sick little boy because he was getting worse as minutes ticked on. He had a fever and was throwing up until he had nothing left to throw up. He was becoming lethargic and after 3 attempts they were finally able to get a good vein on his hand to push fluids through to help hydrate him. They had given him some Zofran to help with the puking and it seemed to help and as soon as that bag of fluids were halfway through he was a new kid! He started bossing us around and was back in his usual frame of mind. We finally saw that smile that was missing for about 5 hours. The worst was yet to come....the pee test. They ended up doing a cath on him and that was the most painful for Mike and I to watch. Brody hated it and screamed bloody murder during the entire thing. It broke my heart seeing him so upset and begging them to stop. Something I never want to expierence again. 

After many hours in the ER we were finally released and let our precious baby boy go home so he could rest. He slept with us that first night and ended up puking all over our bed with us in it. Nice. After cleaning up that mess we hit the sheets and I was praying it was a good nights sleep for all of was until I woke up early Saturday morning throwing up. OMG. I got the same virus he had and I was in no way ready for it. I was so sick and ended up in the ER and was given 2 full bags of fluids to help me. I left the ER feeling the worst I have ever felt in my life and I just wanted my bed. That bed was my haven for 5 days!!! Brody was also a permanent fixture in our bed. We were a sad case to look at and we felt like that too.

It's been one week ago that all took place and I can honestly say we both are not 100% back to normal. We are eating slowly and appetites aren't what they were. I am praying his turns around soon because he has lost 5 pounds and he can't afford it so PediaSure has been added to see if it helps. 

The End to the Stomach Bug/Flu from are never welcome back!!!! 

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  1. Ugh! Oh Jamie! How horrible! Well, not all of it.. I'm so happy Mike got you Lucy, and that you and Brody are doing so much better and on the mend.. but what a horrific week you guys went through.. :( Hopefully the Beemer household is done with the flu virus and Victoria and Mike don't get it too.. <3