March 10, 2011

Puppy Love

Ah, puppy love....wasn't that such a great stage in our younger years?? To go back to that type of "love" would be wonderful (in some ways). Those days were were filled with butterflies in your tummy, smiles you couldn't wipe off your face, burning red cheeks and love letters that were straight from the heart. Such an innocent and fun time. I had forgotten about all of that until tonight when we were at Susie's house for dinner and both of our boys seemed to be hit by cupid. 

Brody is in L.O.V.E with Susie's daughter, Annelise! He has had a few "gewlfreends" in his short 2.5 years on earth but something about this one has him wanting more. I mean, I guess if I were a little boy she would be right up there on my "gewlfreend" list too! She is a beautiful blue eyed, blonde haired girl who has a bubbly personality to go along with her precious good looks (and wardrobe - Thanks to Cosco & LaLa). She is super sweet to him and I think he eats that up in all honesty. She holds his hand, tickles him, gives him hugs and practically tells him what to do but he doesn't mind because as long as he's her top priority that is all that matters to my little guy. Luckily, for now it's puppy love but it hurts my heart a tad because I know my baby is growing up and one day that puppy love will turn into the real thing and I can't even begin to think about that. It gives you a sense of losing something so special and dear that it's really a feeling of great loss. I don't think anyone can fully understand what I am talking about until they are a mother of a little boy or a father of a little girl. It is a strong bond that's between the two that nobody can totally grasp or explain....or at least *I* haven't been able to.

Susie's son, Will, is in the same boat as Brody but he is head over heels for Victoria who is 11 years older than he is. He gets all bright eyed and smiley when she is in the room and it's the cutest thing to watch. He acts all tough and macho around her which is comical but not in a "make fun" of him type of way; it's heart warming. Tonight he came to me while I was cleaning up after dinner and handed me a note on a bright green piece of paper. Before reading it I had STRICT instructions to give it to her on Friday morning so I agreed and read his note/love letter. I opened it and honestly I thought I was going to cry because it was too sweet for words....he wrote " I will marry you someday". Seriously?!? How can this little boy have more sweetness in him than most grown men I know!! I swear, I think these young men need to give a class called "Sweetness 101" because they got it down. I am 32 years old and that melted my heart and I wanted to marry the little fellow right then and there in the kitchen! However, I didn't follow the directions Will had given me earlier because we really wanted Susie to keep the darling little note for years down the road. Victoria did read the love letter statement and was flattered.....seriously, how could anyone not be?

Now for my own puppy love -- oh dear. I have been wanting to get Brody his own dog for a while now because he is at a great age where he can appreciate an animal that's his. We are in a large enough house that has a large enough yard for the puppy to play and roam freely. We also happen to have 3 kennels so one is open and readily available for a new addition to the Beemer house. I was browsing the local shelters and ran across the most PRECIOUS puppy ever and fell in love instantly. Her name is Lucy and she's a 6 month old Lab/Rot mix. I haven't been able to stop thinking about her since I found her post online. It breaks my heart to see the picture of her with that cute snout poking through the fence she's been living in the past 2 months. I have expressed my desire to have this puppy to my husband but he's not biting. I honestly don't think he knows how bad this has me torn up inside. I can usually see pictures of these sweet babies that need homes and go on about my day without thinking twice but this little puppy has tugged at my heart strings and isn't letting go. I am really hoping and praying he has a change of heart because I think Lucy could bring a lot of joy in our lives and most importantly Brody's. 


  1. I love this so much! I am SO glad we get to share our lives!!!

  2. How sweet for everyone.. <3 I love that you are blogging about all this... so that years down the road, when Brody, Annelise, Victoria and Will are older, they can read this and come back to this time.. just precious! As for Lucy.. I hope Mike lets you guys get her.. she is too adorable for words.. I LOVE dogs, and have a hard time going into shelters.. we have volunteered at the Charleston Animal Society, and had a good time, but it did break my heart leaving the sweet babies in their kennels at the end of the day.. :(