March 27, 2011

Miss Lucy Lou

Now that it seems like our house is *finally* getting back to normal (is that really possible?) I have had time to take some pictures of our newest addition to the Beemer House......

Miss Lucy Lou

She is the dog that I blogged about several times because I wanted her so badly and my husband made that possible! 

Lucy is 6 months old and she is thought to be a mix of Labrador Retriever and Rottweiler. She is so stinkin' sweet and cute! She's into EVERYTHING (as a puppy should be) so we are always keeping a close watch on her. We can't afford for her to use everything in the house as a play toy. Like any kid, she is happier with things she shouldn't play with than the toys that we actually bought for her!!!

She has fit in nicely with her brothers (Campbell & Alex) and annoys them to death. She wants to play 24/7 and they are like "enough is enough". When those moments happen we end up separating them because it can get a little "WWE" in their fence. All we need are some chairs, popcorn and a drink for the main event! 

She has stolen our hearts with her personality and beautiful hazel eyes. She's a blessing and I am glad she is part of our family. I am sure there will be plenty more to blog about concerning Lucy because she is going  through that puppy phase and is always getting into something. It's *almost* as bad as having a toddler!!!!!

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  1. She is too sweet.. I love her pictures.. <3