March 7, 2011

Wow, what a weekend!

This past weekend was a jam packed with family, friends and good times (and some not so good times). Making memories is what I like to do and we accomplished that on Saturday - yay, us!

Friday started off with dining at the cutest restaurant in downtown Albany with Susie & Brody. I had been hearing rave reviews about the food from "The Cookie Shoppe" for months and I have never gotten around to eating there so I suggested to Susie we try the place out for our lunch date. Susie is all about trying new places and things and soaks up anything "Southern" so I knew she would be dying to dine there like I had been. All I can say is that it definately lived up to it's reviews because it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E! I think they had the best chicken salad sandwich that I have ever tasted and their sweet tea was like drinking my Mammaw's. Brody dined on their homemade cookies and from his reaction they were pretty good. This quaint little hole in the wall has seen many years of locals from every nook and cranny in the Albany area. You walk in the front door and it feels like you went back in time. The only thing that gives you the notion you are in 2011 is the credit card machine -- other than that you are dining in the past. Susie and I both loved it so I am sure we will make that a regular spot for our lunch dates. 

Saturday morning we woke up to gloomy cold skies but that wasn't going to stop us from heading to Will's first T-Ball game of the season. We put on our layers, headed out the door and I had no idea what I was about to particpate in. I have never been a big baseball fan but apparently that is not heard of around here because baseball is serious business. Parents (like Susie) are diehard fans and if you closed your eyes for a second you would think you were sitting at a Major League game. I mean, aren't we? It *is* the Dixie League for crying out loud....where have I been? All joking aside, it was pretty awesome to see these little boys play and it's not fun and's serious. Their rules are strict and the umpire is brutal; I am not sure I have the heart to watch the games. Seeing those little shoulders slouch after missing their ball or throwing the ball in the wrong direction is enough to make this Momma want to run out there and give them a hug and they aren't even my own flesh and blood. According to Susie (and the other Mothers) you can only do that for your team....not the other one -- no matter how young they are :) After an hour of an emotional, nerve racking, nail biting game my heart could finally do a happy dance because Will's team won and that made for a very happy camper in the Blake clan. 

Once the celebration was over we decided it was time for some pizza and the Mardi Gras festivities. After dining on the most amazing pizza ever we headed over to downtown for Mardi Gras, Albany style. It was so much fun even though the weather wasn't cooperating like we would have liked. Our turtles didn't win the race but a good time was had by all and that's what mattered most.

Now, for the downer of our weekend....after a wonderful time at the festival we came home to a note on our front door. That is never a good sign. It seems while we were gone our water line busted and water was spewing all over our neighbors yard so they turned our water off. The house currently has no water pressure and red clay dirt is coming through the pipes until it can be fixed today. Definately bad timing because laundry needed to be done and so it's all still piled up in my bathroom until we can run the washer. I am praying it gets fixed today and nothing major is wrong! 


  1. Oh no! :( Did y'all get the water line fixed?!

  2. Yes, late this afternoon! I am praying it stays fixed!!! Now I have a TON of laundry to do this week :(

  3. I just read your latest post.. you poor thing.. if it's not one thing it's another! <3 Huge hugs to you! <3